« Je veux garder les yeux ouverts sur les souffrances, le malheur, la cruauté du monde,mais aussi sur la lumière, sur la beauté, sur tout ce qui nous aide à nous dépasser, à mieux vivre, à parier sur l’avenir »
- Andrée Chedid.-

jeudi 22 mars 2018

Et que ne durent que les moments doux. -Alain Bashung.-

The only thing I promised myself was that I did not regret it and included every person I loved every day I cried.
Every dream and deceit that was lost along the way.

Every heart that did not fit in my existence, that played with my intentions and made me feel so bitter heartaches. I will not dare to say that it was wrong and that everything I lived was not true, just because it did not work. I wear the motto of "always ahead", because nothing else will be lost or postponed.

I want to go without worrying if I have to wait for someone or if someone is waiting for me. I want to go happy, alone or not, to find myself with so much life that exists in this "will come" of all tomorrow.

Try every day without putting the routine on the table or complaining about Monday. Try every day with sun or not. Prove each day with faith that will not be the last and with the courage to let no detail of life pass in vain.
-Diego Vinicius.-

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